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Louis Giavedoni, MD FRCSC

Dr. Louis GiavedoniDr. Giavedoni is a Toronto native who loves his city. He completed his MD degree at the University of Toronto in 1982, where he stayed to complete his specialty training (residency) in ophthalmology in 1987. He then spent the next two years training to become a subspecialist in the field of diseases and surgery of the retina. One of those years was spent at St Michael’s Hospital (SMH) in downtown Toronto, whose Eye Department has formed an integral part of the Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences (D.O.V.S.) at the University of Toronto since its inception. There he trained under the late Dr. Michael Shea, who was a pioneer and leader of retinal surgery in Canada. His second year was spent at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, where he was involved primarily in the field of retinal research. Upon graduation in 1989, he was invited to join the Eye Department at SMH, where he maintains his primary practice to date.

Over the years, Dr. Giavedoni has developed extensive experience in treating all diseases of the retina (and vitreous). Those diseases include all aspects of diabetic retinopathy, all forms of age related macular degeneration (AMD), retinal artery and vein occlusions, retinal infections, complications arising from eye injuries and eye surgery, retinal tears and retinal detachments, macular holes and membranes.

At the University of Toronto, he holds the position of Assistant Professor, and his academic interests are split between teaching and research. Currently as a researcher he is involved in several studies investigating novel treatments for both wet and dry AMD, and for diabetic macular edema. As a teacher, he holds two posts: Director of the vitreoretinal training program at SMH and the Chief Examiner for the D.O.V.S Residency training program at the University of Toronto. He is passionate about teaching, and is involved in the training of medical students, ophthalmology residents, and fellows (ophthalmologists training to become retinal specialists).

Dr. Giavedoni is very excited to be joining the team of distinguished ophthalmologists who practice at the North Toronto Eye Clinic. He is in particular looking forward to working alongside of Dr. Deepa Yoganathan, who established the first retina clinic at NTEC, to help expand the care to those patients who will need these services. Dr. Giavedoni speaks English and Italian.

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