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Identifying and Treating Dry Eye in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients

People with OSA are vulnerable to certain ocular ailments, and therapies should be considered to offer relief. (Original article sourced from Sleep Review) Published on: September 23, 2016 Author: Sree Roy Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can impact many different organs in the human body. Though not given as much attention as the sleep disorder’s serious… Read More

Are there limits to laser refractive surgery after midlife?

(Original article from Harvard Health Publications) Published: July, 2011 The same vision changes that make you eager to toss your glasses or contacts can complicate your decision about surgery. Even if you’ve worn glasses or contacts for decades, you may be wondering about having your vision surgically corrected. Your contacts may feel less comfortable; perhaps… Read More

Refractive Lens Exchange: What It Is, and How It Compares to LASIK

There is an incredible variety of procedures and options to correct your vision in the modern world. Of course, there are glasses and contacts, and most people know what LASIK is, but have you ever heard of a procedure called refractive lens exchange (RLE)? It is an alternative surgical procedure to LASIK designed to treat… Read More

How to Use Eye Drops

Anyone who has ever used eye drops for dry eye disease or other reasons knows how tricky it can be to apply them. Frequently missing your eye can be annoying, wastes product that can be expensive, and in some cases can even lead to infection by flooding the eye with unwanted bacteria from the skin…. Read More

Canadian Space Agency Visits North Toronto Eye Care

Before becoming an astronaut, you must meet a number of intense physical and mental health standards, understandably. Vision is no exception. The Canadian Space Agency is looking for two prime candidates to take part in the next generation of space explorers. We are proud to say that the Canadian Space Agency chose North Toronto Eye… Read More

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