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Drive your grandchildren to programs! Enjoy your life again! Get your independence back with refractive cataract surgery.


Less Falls, More Freedom! Play golf or tennis, wake up and see your clock, and see your grandchildren clearly again!
North Toronto Eye Care offers our patients

Femto Laser Cataract Surgery

and freedom from glasses with Multifocal Lens Implants!

Dr. Rabinovitch

is a leading Femto Laser Surgeon in the Greater Toronto Area, having performed over 30,000 cataract surgeries

Precision Cataract Surgery

Because every eye is unique.

Precision Cataract Surgery

A tailored procedure that is custom to your vision.

Pre-Operative Instructions

Pre-Operative Instructions for Cataract Surgery

What Needs to Be Done to Prepare for Cataract Surgery?

Before surgery, special measurements of your eye need to be taken to determine the correct implant required for your eye. This will be arranged at the office and can be done with either laser or ultrasound.

Eye Drops

You will receive a prescription for three (3) different kinds of eye drops:
Vigamox (Antibiotic) – 3x/day beginning 2 days before surgery
Maxidex (Steroid) – 3x/day beginning 2 days before surgery
Prolensa (Anti-inflammatory) – 1x/day beginning 2 days before surgery

Please remember to put drops in the morning of your cataract surgery and to resume the drops when you arrive home from the surgery. On the day of surgery, it is advisable to instill all drops every 2 hours. You CANNOT overdose on these drops. The more the better on the first day.

You will then continue the Maxidex and Vigamox drops 3x/day, for another week and continue to take the Prolensa for 2 more weeks or until the Prolensa is used up. You can stop the first 2 (Maxidex and Vigamox) once the bottles are empty.

You should purchase 3 new bottles for the second eye. DO NOT USE OLD BOTTLES! There is a repeat on your prescription for the new bottles.

If you received a kit, inside the kit are samples of lubricating drops that you can use as often as you wish to lubricate your eye for often the eyes are dry, itchy and sandy feeling in the days or weeks after surgery. You can buy more over the counter if you wish to continue using these drops.

Other Important Instructions:

Wash your face with soap the night before and the morning of surgery. Women must remove all traces of makeup from face and eyes.

No food is to be taken after midnight the night before surgery.

On the day of cataract surgery please drink plenty of fluids and keep yourself from getting dehydrated. Stop drinking any fluids 6 hours before surgery.


YES! Take your usual blood pressure medication in the morning, as well as other medications as prescribed. If you are uncertain whether or not to take a specific medication, please consult us.

NO! Do not take your diabetic pills or insulin.

Hospital Arrival Times and Instructions

North Toronto Eye Surgery Centre

Branson Hospital
You will go to the main floor and sign in at Patient Administration and pay for your specialty lens. Please arrive 90 minutes before your surgery (opens at 6:30 AM).

Kensington Eye Institute
You will go the 6th floor and you will sign in with them and pay for your specialty lens. Please arrive 60 minutes before your surgery (opens at 7:00 AM).

For a printable copy of pre-operative instructions for cataract surgery, please click here.

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