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The KAMRA Inlay is a ring implanted in the cornea of the eye to help restore the ability to focus on nearby objects. Smaller than a contact lens, the KAMRA inlay is an effective treatment for people with presbyopia, a stiffening of the eye’s natural lens that makes close-up viewing difficult. Presbyopia is a very common condition of aging and affects nearly everyone in their 40s or older. The KAMRA inlay can improve near vision and reduce the need for reading glasses without compromising the ability to see at a distance. While vision improvements vary by individual, most patients can expect their near vision to be significantly enhanced, giving them the ability to comfortably read typeface that is several sizes smaller than before.

Why KAMRA Vision™


Thousands of people including eye doctors are choosing KAMRA Vision™ as their preferred near vision treatment.

The reasons people are choosing the KAMRA inlay are simple:

Stable And Long-Lasting

The inlay actually halts the visual effects of presbyopia over the long-term unlike other presbyopia treatments that may require future enhancements or upgrades

Restores Near And Intermediate Vision While Maintaining Good Distance Vision

Other presbyopia treatments, such as monovision LASIK, or LASIK multifocal ablation, may significantly compromise your distance vision.

Provides Quality Reading Vision

Patients are reporting that they are seeing noticeable improvement in their near reading tasks such as reading a newspaper, seeing number on mobile phone, and viewing computer screen

Maintains Depth Perception

By maintaining depth perception, the KAMRA inlay allows patients to perform regular daily activities with ease without glasses such as driving a car, playing sports, and enjoying 3-D movies


Other presbyopia treatments cannot be “removed” or “reversed”

Availability In Over 47 Countries

Thousands of people have already said YES to KAMRA Vision v Only inlay approved in North America (Health Canada), South Korea (KFDA) & Europe (CE Mark) v Ophthalmologists, CEO’s, and celebrities are choosing KAMRA Vision

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