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North Toronto Eye Care offers our patients

Femto Laser Cataract Surgery

and freedom from glasses with Multifocal Lens Implants!

Dr. Rabinovitch

is a leading Femto Laser Surgeon in the Greater Toronto Area, having performed over 30,000 cataract surgeries

Precision Cataract Surgery

Because every eye is unique.

Precision Cataract Surgery

A tailored procedure that is custom to your vision.

Verion Technology

Verion™ Image Guided System

The Verion™ technology is an innovative, accurate imaging system used to help customize the cataract procedure process and provide more precise lens placement. The system creates a detailed “thumbprint” of the eye’s unique characteristics to better prepare for efficiency throughout cataract surgery and increasing successful patient outcomes. It is designed to avoid the plethora of errors that could potentially occur along the surgical course, beginning with the initial evaluation through to the execution of the procedure.

Once the high-resolution image of the eye is taken, it’s utilized by the surgeons to create specific measurements and an incision guide custom to each eye. The data received is transferred to display in the microscope in the OR – the technology can also be seamlessly transferred to other devices during the procedure. By integrating the planning phase of the cataract surgery with the surgery itself, the system creates improvements in accuracy, precision, and safety throughout the duration of the process.

Verion™ also ensures that patient data, after being entered initially, is automatically carried through the system for each step of the process until the surgery is complete. This eliminates the possibility for errors that can occur with the need to re-input patient data.

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