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Safety Measures

We are committed to ensuring that your eye health is monitored appropriately, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although, we have been allowed to increase our services, we are still required to maintain social distancing and wear proper personal protective equipment for your visit to NTEC OR NTESC. The following policies will be implemented to ensure quick visits and minimal waiting.

Our office hours will resume to 8 am until 4:00 pm Monday to Friday as of June 1, 2020. Phone calls will be answered between 8:30 am until 11:30am, and 1pm until 4 pm.

We have drastically reduced the number of patient appointments per day. Therefore not all appointment are face to face visits with doctor. Our staff will advise you on the best option for your eye care visit: Each patient will have a diagnostic testing appointment with a technician at NTEC followed by a phone call from your doctor, or a clinic visit with your doctor.

We are unable to offer visual fields or other testing on the same day as your doctor visit, except in special circumstances. These visits will be separate: one for testing and another to see your doctor. Appointments should take about 20-30 minutes. If your visit is running overtime, your doctor may ask you to schedule a separate appointment, or may opt to call you on the phone for further discussion.

Please note that if you are scheduled for a visit to NTEC this time:

The above policies will be in effect until further notice. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time. Please call NTEC clinic if you have any questions or concerns. All the best for your health and welfare,

Please practice social distancing.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during these challenging times.

Nancy Siegel
Director of NTEC and NTESC

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Our Practice

We Are Redefining Eye Care For Our Patients In The Greater Toronto Area

North Toronto Eye Care’s team of highly-experienced eye physicians and surgeons not only assist in treating and preventing eye disease, but we ensure that you leave our clinic with a new outlook on life.

In addition to general eye care, our doctors specialize in FEMTO laser cataract surgery, laser eye surgery LASIK, refractive lens exchange, and laser for macular degeneration and diabetes. We offer medical and cosmetic lid and lacrimal surgery, BOTOX, fillers and a unique skin care program.

Our renowned clinic is known for our expertise in Uveitis (inflammatory eye diseases), Cross linking for Keratoconus and treatment of dry eye. All of our doctors are affiliated with University of Toronto, North York General Hospital, Kensington Eye Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital,  North Toronto Eye Surgery Centre, and TLC Vision Yonge Eglinton Laser Eye Centre. We pride ourselves on conducting clinical research and have a state-of-the-art diagnostic centre, with our innovative electronic health records system providing seamless medical care and enhanced inter professional communication.

North Toronto Eye Care provides only the best in specialized eye care premium, high-end service and treatment, and is recognized across the country because of it. When we say “our focus is your vision,” we mean it from the moment you step inside our clinic.

Want to learn more about? Schedule a consultation! One of our esteemed staff members will be happy to answer any and all inquiries you have.

Patient Testimonials


“My experience at North Toronto Eye Care Clinic was a pleasant one from start to finish. The facility is first class and the staff are highly professional, warm, friendly and accommodating. The relaxed atmosphere put me at ease for the procedures and I came away with reading vision and 20/20 distance more glasses! Many thanks to Dr. Rabinovitch, Dr. Melville and their whole team.”

-Anne Murray, Canadian country, pop, and adult contemporary singer.

“The distance vision is spectacular I can’t even remember wearing glasses. I hardly ever wear reading glasses. The halos which were never really that bothersome just somehow went away. This is the greatest thing I’ve ever done I would pay $20,000 to do this! I feel so lucky."

-Heidi, RLE patient with Symfony EDOF lens


Contact Us

Our Services and Direct Contact

Main Line: 416-748-2020

Cataract, Pterygium, Cornea Surgery: or Anna at Ext 111

Eyelid Surgery: or Becca

General and Appointments: or 416-748-2020

Retina, Medical and Surgical: or Mirella at Ext. 109

LASIK, Crosslinking, and Intacs: or Becca at 416-748-4858

Co-management for Dry Eye and LASIK: or Becca at 416-748-4858

For immediate assistance, direct your calls to NANCY SIEGEL at 416-829-7992 or use Nancy’s private email at

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