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North Toronto Eye Care is committed to enriching lives by providing the highest quality eye care available. We are a full-service, multi-specialty practice dedicated to providing patient-centered care for the entire family.

For comprehensive eye care in the greater Toronto area, choose North Toronto Eye Care.


When the lens of the eye begins to become yellow and cloudy, this is known as a cataract. Most commonly caused by aging, cataracts can also develop as a result of UV exposure, genetics, or taking certain medications.

Cataract surgery is a common, minimally invasve procedure. It is the only method available to reverse the impact of cataracts.


The cornea is the clear surface of the eye, which focuses light rays entering the eye. Common corneal conditions include infections, keratoconus, corneal dystrophies, pterygium, and dry eye.

Dry Eye

North Toronto Eye Care is an accredited Dry Eye Center.

Dry Eye Disease is an underdiagnosed eye condition that occurs when the eyes either do not produce enough tears or the tears are of a poor quality and evaporate too quickly. Dry eye can cause itching, discomfort, and irritation.


North Toronto Eye Care offers cosmetic services to help you look and feel your best!


Glaucoma is caused by an increase of ocular pressure in the eye, which can cause damage to the optic nerve.

Most patients do not have symptoms in the early stages of glaucoma, experiencing no pain or vision loss. However, as the disease progresses glaucoma can cause irreversible loss of vision.

LASIK & Freedom from Glasses

LASIK is one of the most popular elective surgeries to correct vision problems. The procedure involves using a specialized laser to reshape the cornea and improve its ability tofocus light on the retina.

Dr. Rabinovitch uses the latest laser technology for LASIK and alternative vision correction procedures to enhance vision and restore eyesight.


North Toronto Eye Care offers oculoplastic procedures. or ocular plastic surgery. for patients with disorders concerning their eyelids, orbits (the bones surrounding the eyes), eyeballs, and lacrimal system.

Oculoplastic procedures can help improve vision, health, and appearance.


A healthy retina is essential for clear vision and eye function. Retinal examinations may be recommended to patients experienceing retinal abnormalities that are detected through a general eye exam.

Some patients may have a higher risk for retinal conditions based on genetic and medical history.


A common eye condition involving inflammation of the Uvea, Uveitis is caused by vital, fungal, or bacterial infections of the eye. Patients with Uveitis often experience pain, redness, light sensitivity, or blurred vision.

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