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Thank you for your referral. All referrals will be arranged within 5 working days. If you have not been notified of a consultation date by that time, please contact our office directly.

Referral Request Form

Please ensure all contact information is filled out.

Urgent Referrals

All urgent referrals will be reviewed and addressed within 12-24 hours. For same-day appointments please call 416-748-7116. Note: this number is designated for provider use only. Please do not distribute it to patients.

If you have any questions, email us at: Thank you again for choosing us to be your partner in eye care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Ophthalmologists Work at 2065 Finch Avenue West, Suite 400 North Toronto Main Clinic?

Dr. Theodore Rabinovitch, Dr. Patricia Hinton, Dr. Jon Waisberg, Dr. Minoo Azadeh, Dr. Nataly Pesin, Dr. Vincent Lam, Dr.Tiiu Hess, Dr. Tran Le, Dr. David Wong, and Dr. Gary Yau.

Which Ophthalmologists work at 7 Elmwood Avenue North York Clinic?

Dr. Theodore Rabinovitch, Dr. Vincent Lam, Dr. Tiiu Hess, Dr. Nataly Pesin, Dr. Gary Yau and Dr. Tran Le.

Which Ophthalmologists Work at 2 Champagne Drive Unit C2 Clinic?

Dr. Theodore Rabinovitch, Dr. Minoo Azadeh, Dr. Nataly Pesin, Dr. Vincent Lam, Dr.Tiiu Hess and Dr. Tran Le.

Do All Locations Accept Emergencies?

We will accept emergencies at our locations as long as a referral and report has been sent. Submit the referral form via our website, fax it to 416-748-8582 or call our private line at 416-748-7116.

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Our Services and Direct Contact

Main Line: 416-748-2020

Cataract, Pterygium, Cornea Surgery: or Anna at Ext 111

Eyelid Surgery: or Becca

General and Appointments: or 416-748-2020

Retina, Medical and Surgical: or Mirella at Ext. 109

LASIK, Crosslinking, and Intacs: or Becca at 416-748-4858

Co-management for Dry Eye and LASIK: or Becca at 416-748-4858

For immediate assistance, direct your calls to NANCY SIEGEL at 416-829-7992 or use Nancy’s private email at