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One of our lovely patients bought us flowers to say thank you for providing exceptional care during his cataract surgery.

Written Patient Testimonials

I have just had the Vivity Multifocal Lens inserted into both my eyes by Dr, Rabinovitch. Wow how amazing I can see Distance , Medium and even Read Medicine Bottles. No More Glasses. Thank You Dr. Rabinovitch, Dr Lau and the amazing staff at North Toronto Eye Clinic. I would highly recommend this clinic and their AMAZING STAFF.


From the first time I walked in the door, I was hit by all the literature for the covid 19 protocols for the office. They were clearly written and in plain sight.

The next item was a person who was in the protocol PPE and asked me all of these questions. Then Rose at the front desktop was so helpful and polite and honest with me. Rose sent me to exactly where I had to go to see a person named Syliva, Again I was asked specific questions to verify who I was and then explained in terms I could understand what was going to happen in the eye examination. She was so polite and courteous as well as professional. Sylvia then sent me to my next person who was Gigi and she was not only the polities, she walked me through the eyes test and even helped me to keep my eyelids open since they would not open all the way up. It was incredible.

I had to sit while there were 2 people in front of me for the next eye exam. That person was Ally and he was so amazing in patience with the elderly patient. It took a while to get the test down with the patient and Ally just would not give up with the patient until the test was done. He kept on explaining to the person what to do in such a soothing voice and calm voice. The person just could not stop making mistakes and Ally kept on saying, that’s ok, we will get it, just relax, take a breath, we will continue when you are ready. That’s what Ally did. When it was my turn, Ally told me to hold on a minute while he wiped down all the equipment and then told me to sit down. Ally explained what he was going to do and told me when to blink and when not to blink. Before I knew it the test was over and he explained that I was done and that the doctor would get my results.

Ally made sure that I knew when my next appointment was and with who. I was told I could leave. Now with the pandemic, I had smoke coming from my running shoes since it took no time for me to leave the building. It was overall a good experience, but I am still afraid to go out. The place was very professional, fun, enjoyable, and trying to do their best to keep all the covid protocols in place, from getting off the elevators to the examination rooms. Thanks, guys… you are the best!!!

-E. King

I am writing to let readers know how absolutely happy I am with my cataract surgery! 

I have worn glasses since I was 8, contact lenses since age 16 and prior to surgery, my left eye was -15 and my right eye -12. Now thanks to the amazing Dr. Gary Yau, I have perfect vision at 20/20. I would also like to thank Counselor Becca and the nurses and technicians, all of whom are very skilled, caring, friendly people.

I highly recommend North Toronto Eye Care!

-Ms B. Winter

“I had cataract surgery on my left eye in May this year and RLE surgery on my right eye three weeks after to correct my nearsighted problem. After follow up checkups with Dr Melville and my optometrist, I am now confirmed having 20/20 vision after years (more than 30) of wearing glasses, contact lenses and later progressive glasses with thick lenses.

I am completely satisfied with the consulting service at North Toronto Eye Care, it lasted for about 2 hours with all the relevant tests performed in a very efficient manner. I mostly consulted with Dr Melville who was very friendly, she took her time to explain patiently my eye test results and assisted me in choosing the package which yields the best possible solution for my eyes.

Although I had only a brief period of time to speak with Dr Rabinovitch who was extremely busy, he was very patient and gave me honest and straightforward answers to my questions and concerns about the surgery. He performed surgeries on both of my eyes, the process was fast, smooth and painless, thanks so much Dr Rabinovitch for his professionalism and expertise that open up a brand new chapter for my life.

About the surgery centre, it was top-rated, all staff there was very nice and polite. The atmosphere of the surgery area was very relaxing which made me less nervous as that was my very first surgery ever taken.

In summary I am completely satisfied with the services offered and most importantly the successful surgery results. I just feel like I am a totally free person now! I can work and do sports without glasses and the best is no more dark marks on the bridge of my nose!”

– Clara Pang

“My husband had cataract surgery and we were most impressed with the care and attention given to patients. the procedure was clearly explained before the operation, the operation went smoothly and the follow-up was excellent. We would recommend it without reservation.”

– Joanna Robertson

” In recent years my diminishing eyesight has been a growing concern.  At the suggestion of my optometrist, I was referred to Dr. Theodore Rabinovitch at North Toronto Eye Care. 

I was immediately struck by the thoroughness with which all aspects of my visual needs were diagnosed, assessed, and a course of action established wherein the uniqueness of my personal care needs were addressed.

This treatment plan spanned 3 months and included multiple diagnostic tests, short conferences with various team members, an initial 6 week regimen of daily treatments for dry eyes, and 2 surgeries two weeks apart for laser-assisted cataract removal and the insertion of an IOL multifocal lens in each eye. 

All treatment has now ceased, and I am most pleased with all aspects in this journey.  Most importantly, the recovery of my precious eyesight has been remarkable in all respects. I am able to see clearly at all distances with 20/20 vision. The procedures were painless, the staff supportive, and without reservation I recommend North Toronto Eye Care under the leadership Dr Rabinovitch for consideration of all eye care needs.”

-Robert Lato

“Words cannot express how thankful I am to Dr. Ted Rabinovitch for the incredible care and support he has given to me over the last month. I have had the shingles virus on my face and in my eye which has been a very difficult ordeal. Dr. Rabinovitch made time to see me quite often during the first couple of weeks due to issues I was having and is continuing to see me until my eye is clear. He is kind, patient, and very knowledgeable. The staff in the office are outstanding and very professional. I highly recommend Dr. Rabinovitch and North Toronto Eye Care.”

-Suzanne Ross

“My experience at North Toronto Eye Care Clinic was a pleasant one from start to finish. The facility is first class and the staff are highly professional, warm, friendly and accommodating. The relaxed atmosphere put me at ease for the procedures and I came away with reading vision and 20/20 distance vision….no more glasses!  Many thanks to Dr. Rabinovitch, Dr. Melville and their whole team.”

-Anne Murray, Canadian country, pop, and adult contemporary singer.

“EXCELLENT Results!!! 
I can see extremely clearly now!!! I recently had surgery performed by Dr. Ted Rabinovitch, that is called Femtosecond Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery with Monovision Aspheric Lenses at North Toronto Eye Care. 
Dr. T. Rabinovitch, Dr. J. Melville and all the staff were extremely caring and kind throughout the entire process. Before surgery, I contacted one of the staff members (Ana) various times with many questions and she always responded pleasantly with answers. 
I had worn glasses and then contacts since I was eight years old. Over the years, my vision had worsened, especially the last few years when I developed cataracts. My prescription was -17 and now after surgery on both eyes, I can see 20/20 without glasses because of the monovision correction, and I do not require glasses for reading. 
I would highly recommend Dr. T. Rabinovitch, Dr. J. Melville, and the entire staff at North Toronto Eye Care for your surgery! 
Thank you so much!!!”

– Laura, Google Review

My husband had cataract surgery and we were most impressed with the care and attention given to patients. the procedure was clearly explained before the operation, the operation went smoothly and the follow-up was excellent. We would recommend it without reservation. 

-Joanna, Facebook Review

What can I say, they are all amazing! Dr. Rabinovich and Dr. Jess Melville, amazing and very professional. They know their stuff. Would certainly recommend them. I have 20/20 vision now. Thank you very much all. 

-Marisa, Google Review

“The distance vision is spectacular I can’t even remember wearing glasses. I hardly ever wear reading glasses. The halos which were never really that bothersome just somehow went away. This is the greatest thing I’ve ever done I would pay $20,000 to do this! I feel so lucky.”

-Heidi, RLE patient with Symfony EDOF lens

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