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2020 Sees Significant Increase in Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) and Dry Eye Disease

86% of cataract surgery patients are reported with MGD or Dry Eye Disease affecting vision. Without proper preoperative or clinical testing most patients are not diagnosed with the disease or treated.  Healthy ocular surface is imperative for preoperative measurements for cataract surgery and for better post-operative outcomes.

Surprisingly, most patients have few to minimal symptoms.  More interestingly, the prevalence of MGD is increasing in the population.  Many patients have significant atrophy of the glands.  One recognized growth factor is the increased use of digital devices causing patients to blink less and fix at a screen for longer periods of time.  Sleeping pills, Sleep apnea, Aging, Loss of Hormones, Glaucoma medications, Retina injections are all contributors. Unfortunately, patients without significant symptoms are not committed to treatment.

Our philosophy is to test patients EARLY for MGD or Dry Eye with a comprehensive assessment, using the latest diagnostic devices and tools.  We move to treatment and therapy’s like Lipiflow and IPL as early as possible. 

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