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Corneal Transplant: 4 Things You Should Know

Keratoconus is an eye disease in which the cornea becomes thin and bulges out in a cone-like manner. This can result in severe vision problems. Corneal transplant is one method of treatment for keratoconus.

What You Need to Know

  • Who should a undergo corneal transplant? Keratoconus usually sets in during late teenage years or in your early twenties. In  its initial stages, your vision will suffer from astigmatism and short-sightedness and the problem is usually taken care of through the use of lenses or spectacles. But, along with the progression of the disease, your treatment approaches will change and you will require very frequent lens changes. In extreme cases, usually involving scarring or intolerance to lenses, you will be required to undergo corneal transplant, which is a surgical procedure.
  • Before the surgery: You need to be in good health, of course. A general medical examination to ensure this will be conducted a few day ahead of your surgery. For at least two weeks before the surgery, you should not consume aspirin, as it can result in bleeding during the procedure. You will be required to use antibiotic drops starting one day before the surgery.
  • The surgery: Depending on the preferences of your doctor, your general health conditions and level of anxiety, either local or general anesthetics will be used. During the surgery, the center of your cornea is removed and healthy tissue is sutured in its place. After that, your eye will be covered using a patch and a shield for protection.
  • After the surgery: You will be required to take rest for the remaining portion of the day. Your eye patch will need to be in place for around four days, till the top layer of your cornea heals. Your doctor will let you know what needs to be done after an eye check up on the day following the surgery. Your vision will improve gradually but it is essential that you follow the directions given by your doctor. This will include use of eye drops for many months.

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