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Eye Protection in the Summer Time

Wear SunglassesThe weather’s warm, the water is fine, it’s been a long, cold winter and you’re ready to have some fun. Before you hit the pool or go on a summer adventure, you’re likely to lather on the sunscreen, but did you think about protecting your eyes? From yard work to pool chemicals to harmful UV rays, your eyes are at risk of damage during the summer months. Consider the following guidelines to ensure you protect those peepers this summer and for many summers to come.

  1. Wear Sunglasses
    No surprise here. Sunglasses provide useful protection against UV radiation as the sun reflects off of water or sand. To make sure you’re treating your eyes right, look for sunglasses with at least 99 percent UVA and UVB protection. And don’t forget to wear them even when it’s overcast; harmful rays can still penetrate through clouds and cause damage.
  2. Buy a Hat
    And wear it! Sunglasses do their part to protect your eyes, but to truly shield them from the sun, a wide-brimmed hat is essential. Wearing both sunglasses and a hat helps to ensure you’re doing everything you can to ward off the sun’s harmful rays.
  3. Watch Out for Chemicals
    The warmer months call for not only increased outdoor fun, but also additional outside projects. To make sure you’re protecting yourself against harmful chemicals like spray paint, varnish and the like, wear protective eyewear and handle solutions with care.
  4. Watch Your Diet
    Aside from carrots, there are many foods that are chock full of nutrients to protect and improve your vision. Eat foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc to help protect against eye disease, and be sure to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated not only helps your body, it also helps produce tears and prevent dry eye symptoms.

To learn more about the best ways to protect your eyes, or for information about any of the services we provide, please call us today to schedule and appointments with one of our doctors.


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