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Getting Relief From Eye Allergies

Red, itchy, watery and burning eyes can be miserable. These symptoms are generally caused by eye allergies, and they’re very common. Consider the following to see if allergies are causing your eye irritation:

  • A family history of allergies
  • Itchy eyes, especially during the spring when pollen count is high
  • Flare-ups when being around animals like cats
  • The constant need for antihistamines or decongestants to seek relief
  • Watery eyes due to certain cosmetics, lotions or perfumes

If you suffer from these symptoms, you probably have eye allergies. But take heart – there is relief available. Check out these helpful tips to alleviate your irritated eyes:

eye allergy

  • Don’t over-wear your contacts. The surface of your contact lenses attracts allergens in the air, so wear your contacts sparingly, even opting for glasses instead during allergy season.
  • Stay indoors when possible. Your eye allergy symptoms can be better controlled when you avoid or limit exposure to the allergens that are outside. When the pollen count is high, try to stay indoors, and use an air purifier to keep the air you breathe clean. In the winter, be sure your furnace is equipped with an allergen-trapping filter.
  • Use eye drops. There are several different formulas of over-the-counter eye drops are available that can provide temporary relief for itchy, burning, watery eyes caused by allergies. Ask your eye doctor or pharmacist for a recommendation based on your symptoms. If your eye allergies are severe and over-the-counter eye drops aren’t working, ask your doctor about prescription medication.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes. It can be oh so tempting to rub your itchy eyes, but don’t do it. This will only further irritate your eyes by releasing more histamine and make your allergies even worse. Instead, apply a cool compress to your eyes.
  • Limit contact with your furry friends. When your pet is the cause of your allergies, it’s a good idea to keep it outside or in another room if possible, as much as you like the feel of your pet close by. And don’t share your bed with your pet when your allergy symptoms are high.

If you’re experiencing severe eye allergies, or to learn more about any of the services we provide, please call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.

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