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LASIK Vision Correction and how it effects your Quality of Life

If you wear glasses, you know exactly what it feels like to wake up in the morning and not see the alarm clock. You know the sinking feeling you get when your friends are going swimming and you start to wonder if wearing your contact lenses under water would actually do you harm – until you see the Google images, and decide not to risk it. And you know exactly what LASIK vision correction is.

In the last two decades, LASIK has become more common, known by many, if not all, patients. Many patients, who have undergone the procedure, claim a positive visual outcome from LASIK. Gone are the days of fear, only to be replaced with positive reviews. The safety and convenience of LASIK vision correction is now well known.

Dr. Malvina Eydelman, MD, conducted a Lasik Quality of Life Collaboration Project. She conducted the study, also known as PROWL, where patients who had undergone LASIK surgery were asked questions in regards to their quality of vision. Patients were asked if they developed any symptoms of aberration after the procedure, such as glare, halos, starbursts and ghosting, as well as the impact of the procedure on work productivity and any dry eye symptoms. Patients were also asked about any feelings of depression or anxiety, optimism, and how they were coping with surgery and expectations prior to surgery and satisfaction after surgery. The PROWL studies illustrated that overall frequency of visual symptoms, such as ghosting, glare, halos and starbursts, did not increase in patients who had undergone the LASIK procedure. It found that patients were very happy with the end results.

But you might be wondering about all the horror stories that had surrounded LASIK vision correction. What about the halos? According to the study, LASIK was never the problem. The problem was in the visual areas of the patients who were getting the surgery done. Patients, who had symptoms, such as glare, or dry eye, before they even got the LASIK procedure, were likely to have more problems after the surgery. The study has helped Ophthalmologists perform perfect LASIK surgery on “perfect” candidates.

Our LASIK surgeon, Dr. Theodore Rabinovitch, has performed thousands of successful LASIK procedures on our patients. If you are interested to see if you would qualify as a “perfect” candidate for LASIK, make sure to book a LASIK Consultation at our office today.

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