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LipiScan Now Available at North Toronto Eye!

North Toronto Eye Care continues to be at the forefront of technology by now offering LipiScan testing for our patients. The LipiScan tests the meibomian glands, the part of the eye most likely to cause dry eye, providing high-definition images to show blockages or irregularities. The LipiScan is quick, efficient, and provides highly accurate images to assist your doctor with the diagnosis.
The meibomian glands secrete oil into the tears, creating the lipid (oil) layer, which keeps the eyes moist. Without enough oil in the tears, the tears evaporate too quickly, causing dry eye symptoms such as burning, watering, itching, sensitivity, and general discomfort for the patient.
By adding the LipiScan to your eye exam at North Toronto Eye, meibomian gland dysfunction can be detected before you even start showing symptoms of dry eye, therefore giving you the opportunity to treat it before it becomes severe. If you are already showing symptoms of dry eye, the LipiScan can determine if meibomian gland dysfunction is causing your symptoms. If you are seeking dry eye testing in Ontario.
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