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Perfecting Mono-Vision with the KAMRA Inlay

What are the refractive options when someone who is 40 or older wants to correct their reading vision. If the patient was considering laser surgery they may have been given the option of mono-vision. Mono vision is a way that refractive surgeons can adjust for your reading vision. One of the newest ways to perfect this vision is with a KAMRA inlay. This inlay is a mini-ring that is implanted under a lasik flap in the cornea. This will restore near and intermediate vision by focusing light coming into the eye. Like laser vision correction you will not require any stitches or bandages, and recovery is very short. Vision improvement will appear in as little as a few days to a few weeks (it takes time for our brains to adjust to the restroation of vision). This is an excellent option for patients who are tired of wear bifocals. Free yourself from reading glasses with the KAMRA inlay. If you are interested in this procedure please feel free to contact our office via e-mail at

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